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Your Basket

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Visit our Race Shop and choose a race to complete to get your hands on one of our bespoke medals.

Complete the race in a time and place convenient to you. You can do it in one go or over a few runs. You can walk, jog or run. It's up to you!

Once you have completed your race, tell us about your achievement by emailing your evidence to us at

Sit back and relax or sign up to another race while the postie delivers you your well earned medal.

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February to April brings to us the Unicorn Stampede. A one mile event to run as fast as you can.

April and May is the Phoenix from the Flames. Rise up and complete either a 5k or a 10k.

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The big question is, how does virtual running work? Well we can help you out....

... it's as simple as that, so what are you waiting for. Get active, get fit and get some bling!!!